June 28, 2013

Loading bay & Warehouse Speed Bumps

We have recently been sending many speed bumps out to logistics centres and distribution centres all over the country. Our 75mm speed bumps have proven the ideal size and design for slowing articulated vehicles down to a speed that is safe within loading areas, where forklifts and drivers tend to be on foot. 

The height of the bump is notable to the driver of the vehicle, and the durable design of our speed bumps ensure they will stand up to the heavy vehicles for a long period of time. 

We have also found the speed bumps to be very useful as a parking block for reversing vehicles, giving a notable bump for the vehicle to rest against when fully backed into a space or loading bay. This can prevent vehicles accidentally reversing into buildings or other lorries.

We are able to tailor our speed bump kits to suit almost any combination or requirement you may have, weather it be a loading bay, main entrance or parking area. 

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April 04, 2011

Speed Bumps Vs Boy Racers

This week a community in Glasgow have been successful in getting speed bumps fitted as part of their battle against boy racers, who have been making their roads dangerous for children by speeding.  

The residents of the street had recently had a new cycle path installed that would allow local children to cycle in safety, however to get to this cycle path they would need to cross a main road. Although the main road is in a 30 limit cars were frequently recorded doing over 35 and even 40mph, so the council has agreed to install speed bumps in the street slowing traffic. This will allow local children to use the cycle paths in safety without the fear of speeding cars.

Our speed bumps are ideal for controlling "boy racers" in areas such as car parks where they can often be a nuisance and a danger to members of the public. 

By placing speed bumps on entrances and at various points around a car park it can prevent vehicles getting up to excessive speeds. Speed bumps are cheap to install and are a very cost effective method of preventing nuisance use of car parks.

April 04, 2011

New Speed Bump Kits Coming Soon

We will soon be adding a lot more sizes of the ever popular speed bump kits that we provide. 

This is due to a recent increase in demand from our customers for longer lengths of kits for fitted speed bumps.

For the moment we only carry speed bump kits of three and four metre lengths on the website, however If you require anything longer (we supply speed bumps up to 10 Metres in length!) then please give us a call for our best speed bump package deals!

November 30, 2010

Alternative Speed Bump Uses - Cable Protection

 Have you ever needed to run a cable or hose across a driveway or gateway, but have not wanted to dig a trench, re-tarmac or disturb paving stones?

When faced with this dilemma usually the only option would be to run the cable or hose overhead, but even this is not always practical and can be very unsightly. 

Our speed bumps offer a solution for this problem by allowing you to run the cable within a groove in the underside of the speed bump. Meaning your cable can run across even high traffic areas without you having to worry about it becoming crushed and damaged as it is fully protected by the speed bump above. 

Over the years we have run various cables and hoses under our speed bumps, including CCTV cables, water hoses for irrigation systems and power cables to supply outbuildings. Saving a lot of the cost that is normally associated with digging and re-tarmacking. It also causes little to no disruption whilst being installed with the average speed bump being installed in less than an hour. 

Take a look at our range of speed bump components and speed bump kits for more information and prices.

November 30, 2010

Frost & Snow Proof Speed Bumps

Winter is here and so is the frost & Snow. With the coldest November for 80 years you still can be sure that our speed bumps will stand up to the cold. 

The material that our speed bumps are made from is not rubber based so will not harden then turn brittle with the cold, the polyvinyl chloride that our speed bumps are manufactured from is very very resilient to the cold. It will not suffer from freeze thaw damage or any other temperature related damage. 

It is also worth noting that Salt and Grit used on the roads to prevent ice will also have no effect on the speed bumps.

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November 01, 2010

Alternative Speed Bump Uses - Lane Delineation

Lane Delineation Speed BumpsOur Speed Bumps can be used for all sorts of applications not all to do with controlling traffic speed.

Recently we have been installing speed bumps at fast food drive through restaurants for traffic delineation.

The speed bumps ensure that drivers stay in the correct lane, and will not cause damage to alloy wheels like Kerb Stones.

Unlike lines painted on the floor speed bumps used in this fashion will provide clear feedback to drivers, preventing them from accidentally crossing into the other lane and causing an accident.

November 01, 2010

Speed Bumps for Car Parks

Speed bumps can be an ideal way of increasing safety in Car parks by enforcing 5 and 10 mph speed limits.

With Christmas nearly here people are spending more and more time shopping, which means more time spent in car parks. 

Most car parks have a speed limit of 5 mph, but the average car speedometer does not show anything under 10mph. Speed Bumps help indicate to drivers that the speed limit is low and ensures that it is obeyed.

This can really make a difference to safety levels, especially as small children with little road sense tend to accompany shoppers. A car travelling at 5mph is much more likely to stop if a child runs from between cars  than one that is travelling at 10 - 15mph.

A few simple speed bumps can decrease traffic speed within the car park, which in turn reduces the likelihood of accidents. 

September 27, 2010

Speed Bumps For Schools

school speed bumpsOur Speed Bumps are an ideal way of controlling the speed of traffic coming in and out of schools.  Traffic obviously needs to be slowed down as much as possible for the safety of the children at drop off and pick up times.

Schools tend to have a high amount of "fast" traffic. During the day it might be delivery vehicles keeping to tight delivery schedules that speed in and out of schools. Whilst first thing in the morning parents in a rush to drop children off at school can speed in and out trying to make it to work on time.

The ideal solution to slow these hazards down is our Speed Bumps. Providing a way of slowing the traffic down to a much safer 5mph (75mm speed bumps) or 10mph (50mm speed bumps), our Speed Bumps are cheap to install, easy to maintain and very effective.

They are super strong and durable so will be fine with school buses repeatedly driving over them. We have tested our speed bumps repeatedly with 44 tonne HGV traffic just to make sure.

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September 01, 2010

Alternative Speed Bump Uses - Water Barrier / Gully

Believe it or not our speed bumps can be an excellent way of keeping water from running into your garage, or flowing along a driveway during heavy rain!

Some of our customers who have driveways that slope down towards their garage find that when there is heavy rain, water flowing down the driveway can overpower the drains right in front of the door and start to flow into the garage. 

Our speed bumps when placed on the drive can be used as a barrier to the water coming down the drive, diverting the flow off to the side into drains or gutters. This gives the drain right in front of a garage door a bit more of a chance at keeping up with the flow,  keeping the inside of your garage dry!

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August 02, 2010

Alternative Speed Bump Uses - Parking Block

Our Speed Bumps are not just suitable for using as speed bumps, they have a variety of other uses.

One of the most common alternative uses for our speed bumps that we see is as a Parking Block /  Stop.

When bolted down a set distance from a loading bay our 75mm speed bumps can indicate to large lorry's that they should reverse no further. 

Even in car parks it can be used to indicate to drivers that they should pull no further forward to prevent the car from coming into contact with a wall or unseen obstacle. 

Some of our customers have even successfully used our speed bumps to seperate and mark out parking bays, this can prevent people from parking too close to the boundary of a parking bay. The speed bumps can also assist lesser experienced drivers in keeping their car straight within a parking bay.