Loading bay & Warehouse Speed Bumps

We have recently been sending many speed bumps out to logistics centres and distribution centres all over the country. Our 75mm speed bumps have proven the ideal size and design for slowing articulated vehicles down to a speed that is safe within loading areas, where forklifts and drivers tend to be on foot. 

The height of the bump is notable to the driver of the vehicle, and the durable design of our speed bumps ensure they will stand up to the heavy vehicles for a long period of time. 

We have also found the speed bumps to be very useful as a parking block for reversing vehicles, giving a notable bump for the vehicle to rest against when fully backed into a space or loading bay. This can prevent vehicles accidentally reversing into buildings or other lorries.

We are able to tailor our speed bump kits to suit almost any combination or requirement you may have, weather it be a loading bay, main entrance or parking area. 

Please contact our sales team should you require any information on our range of products.

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