Please find below some of the most common questions we receive about our Speed Bumps.

What height of speed bump should I use?

  • If you wish to slow traffic to 10 mph then we suggest the use of our 50mm height speed bumps.
  • To slow traffic to 5 mph we suggest the use of our 75mm height speed bumps

Can all types of vehicles drive over them?

  • Yes, our speed bumps are safe for road legal vehicles, including HGV’s up to 44 tonne, Cars, Motorbikes and of course, bicycles.
  • We recommend 75mm height speed bumps for effective speed calming of HGV and vans.

What are the differences between the Premium Speed Bumps and Budget Speed Bumps?

  • The main difference between the premium and budget speed bumps is that the yellow speed bump sections in the premium range are molded using a combination of virgin yellow PVC and recycled material. The budget yellow speed bumps are made from black PVC and are painted yellow.
  • The premium and budget ranges of speed bump are of exactly the same strength and robustness.

Are the speed bumps easy to install?

Should I install a sign?

  • We Strongly recommend that warning signs are displayed at least 20 meters before the speed bumps.

Are the speed bumps effective?

  • Yes, drivers will have to slow down to pass over our ramps safely.

What are the speed bumps made from?

  • Our speed bumps are made from high density, high quality PVC that lasts for years, these are much stronger than some rubber alternatives that are available. We also use some recycled material for the benefit of the environment, and your pocket!
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