Why Choose Speed Bumps Direct?

Speed Bumps Direct provides a complete solution for high quality speed bumps in the UK all supplied at the best prices.

  • All parts are shipped from our stock the same day when ordering before 2PM.
  • All kits include the cost of delivery and everything needed, apart from a drill.
  • All of our speed bumps will withstand 44 tonne HGV use and come in two sizes - 50mm & 75mm high.
  • Our road humps are built with thoroughly tested high-quality PVC or rubber, offering unbeatable quality proven to withstand frequent use by 40-ton heavy goods vehicles, vans and cars.
  • Unlike some cheaper rubber speed bumps on the market these will not suffer from fractures from stress due to cold weather, UV light, solvents or oils.
  • The underside of each piece is shaped to form a cable protector, allowing the undamaged passage of a wire or hose if necessary.

Our customer service team are happy to assist you with any questions you have about our products.

Speed Bumps Direct Traffic Regulation Equipment

From speed humps and cushions to parking blocks and kerbs, Speed Bumps Direct provide premium quality speed calming solutions to stop cars and vehicles causing problems on your site.

Why Buy Speed Regulating Devices?

Speed is a problem when creating a safe environment. The faster a vehicle is going, the higher chance and damage caused by an accident. When signs alone are not effective, other other actions must take place to stop cars breaking the top speed on your site. As a site manager, your main priority is the safety of your staff and pedestrians. The right thing to do is install one of our speed bump kits! Driving over one of these at speed is uncomfortable and can damage the vehicle- the perfect instalment to stop drivers thinking they can exceed the sites mph speed. In turn meaning vehicle speeds don’t affect the safety of fellow staff, pedestrians or property.

What do we offer?

Our variations feature 50mm and 75mm high bumps which cater for different speed limits:

50mm speed humps slow traffic to 10 mph, appropriate for reducing traffic to a softer pace while maintaining traffic flow. 75mm bumps slow traffic to 5 mph, perhaps more suitable for heavy-duty vehicles or built-up areas where it is essential to keep road speeds to a minimum. Speed Cushions are also available along with speed tables and raised zebra crossings.

We make our speed bumps to the highest quality possible- using exclusive technologies and moulding methods that bring you consistently perfect components that don't fade and give you the best value for money.

These can be bought as stand-alone components or come as a speed bump kit of almost any length that holds everything you need to fit your speed bump, even extra drill bits and fixings!

If your site requires a larger size or has any other requirements, then please feel free to Phone us on 01905 794875 or contact us by email.

Where Do I Need Them?

Usage of our speed bumps is for private roads only, use on public highways will require authorization from local authorities. Our durable material means our speed bumps are suitable for installation outdoors and can be fixed to any hard surface using the provided bolts. Common places that benefit from speed regulation equipment include car parks, schools, hospitals and construction sites but they may be used on private land where speed reduction seems necessary.

Why Use Our Modular Systems?

Our modular design proves beneficial over one-piece designs. For example, the modules are can be sold separately allowing them to be individually replaced if somehow broken or damaged. This keeps costs low as you won’t need to replace the entire structure. Additionally, the modules stack, saving space when shipping; and the manageable size eases installation, saving you precious time and money.

Are They Easy To Install?

Our speed bump kits are quick and simple install. They can be fitted to any level surface of concrete or tarmac deeper than 90mm. For full instructions, refer to the Speed Bump Installation Guide.

Will I Need Signs?

Installing signs on your site can raise awareness of the area’s speed limit so can reduce the overall speed at the site and further minimise risk of harm. As you're on private land, there’s nothing to say you have to install a sign. Although, inserting them around 20m before each bump will help slow traffic down. Signs such as 10mph Speed, Speed Bumps Ahead, or Caution Speed Bumps are used for this purpose and can be found on our website to be delivered with your order.