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Ridgeback Speed Bump Kit, 50mm or 75mm - Complete Kit with Free Delivery

Ridgeback Speed Bump Kit, 50mm or 75mm - Complete Kit with Free Delivery

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Ridgeback Speed Bump Complete Kit - with Free Delivery

The Ridgeback speed ramp kit is high-quality speed ramp made by JSP, when yellow segments are not required. The ramps are made from recycled material which is great for the environment and highly durable.

Each centre section of the Ridgeback speed bumps features eight high visibility triangles that are bonded into the surface of the speed ramp. The sections are also retro-reflective ensuring they can be easily seen whatever the weather. The end caps feature a single yellow reflective triangle.

The Ridgeback is hard wearing and can be installed almost anywhere (where you have permission). The material they are made from conforms to BS EN 1436:2018 and BS EN 1824:201.

Different Speed Bump Options

  • 50mm - Recommended for slowing cars down to around 10mph.
  • 75mm - Suitable for slowing vehicles down to 5mph. WARNING: 75mm ramps can be harsh on cars, especially lowered and sports cars.

Every kit includes

  • All speed bumps segments, inner and shoulders, to make up the length chosen.
  • All fixings required - Our premium universal fixings are suitable for tarmac or concrete.
  • All speed bump connectors
  • 16mm, quality SDS+ drill bit(s) to install the kit.

Optional Extras

  • 10mm pilot drill bit - this can be used to mark the ground with the speed bumps in place first
  • 16mm nut setter - Strongly recommended if you don't have one, it allows a drill or impact driver to be used to screw in each fixing.

Speed Bump Fixings

We supply a unique, oversized universal fixing that can be used in tarmac or concrete. This saves time and gives you peace of mind.

  • Can be used in tarmac / asphalt or concrete - no need to carry multiple fixing types on larger jobs.
  • Hot-dip galvanised finish - gives ultra long lasting corrosion resistance, with the plating multiple times thicker than standard bright zinc-plating.
  • Oversized nylon plug - distributes the load evenly and interlocks into difficult substrates like tarmac.
  • Oversized flanged head - No more fiddling or losing washers!

Exact Kit Lengths and Contents

Want to know exactly what's included with each premium speed bump kit? Below we list the exact contents and exact installed lengths.

    Kit Actual Length Inners Ends Fixings Drills
    1.0m 910mm 1 2 12 1
    1.5m 1410mm 2 2 20 1
    2.0m 1910mm 3 2 28 1
    2.5m 2410mm 4 2 36 1
    3.0m 2910mm 5 2 44 1
    3.5m 3410mm 6 2 52 1
    4.0m 3910mm 7 2 60 1
    4.5m 4410mm 8 2 68 1
    5.0m 4910mm 9 2 76 1
    5.5m 5410mm 10 2 84 1
    6.0m 5910mm 11 2 92 1
    6.5m 6410mm 12 2 100 1
    7.0m 6910mm 13 2 108 1
    7.5m 7410mm 14 2 116 1
    8.0m 7910mm 15 2 124 1
    8.5m 8410mm 16 2 132 1
    9.0m 8910mm 17 2 140 1
    9.5m 9410mm 18 2 148 1
    10.0m 9910mm 19 2 156 1

    Easy Installation

    You can find full fitting instructions for our speed bumps in our speed bump installation guide

    • Heavy Duty Construction

      Our speed bumps are tested with 40,000kg trucks. Have peace of mind that you can fit and forget.

    • Reflective Panels

      In each inner segment there are four prismatic reflectors, making them clearly visible at night.

    • Premium Universal Fixing

      All of our kits come with a superior fixing designed for tarmac or concrete. With a hot-dip galvanised finish and an oversized plug and head, installation is easy and reliable.

    • All Kits Include Shipping

      There are no hidden costs or extras required. Every kit includes free delivery to UK mainland, excluding the Scottish Highlands.

    • Interlocking Design

      The ridgeback has a integrated 'locking' piece on each end. No separate connectors are required.

    • Hose & Cable Routing

      The end caps and centre components feature a channel on the underside that can run a hose or cables through them, great for electric gates or car washes.


    Should you have any questions about this product please contact our sales team on 01905 794 875.