Speed Bumps Vs Boy Racers

This week a community in Glasgow have been successful in getting speed bumps fitted as part of their battle against boy racers, who have been making their roads dangerous for children by speeding.  

The residents of the street had recently had a new cycle path installed that would allow local children to cycle in safety, however to get to this cycle path they would need to cross a main road. Although the main road is in a 30 limit cars were frequently recorded doing over 35 and even 40mph, so the council has agreed to install speed bumps in the street slowing traffic. This will allow local children to use the cycle paths in safety without the fear of speeding cars.

Our speed bumps are ideal for controlling "boy racers" in areas such as car parks where they can often be a nuisance and a danger to members of the public. 

By placing speed bumps on entrances and at various points around a car park it can prevent vehicles getting up to excessive speeds. Speed bumps are cheap to install and are a very cost effective method of preventing nuisance use of car parks.

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