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Universal Speed Bump Bolt / Fixing for Tarmac & Concrete

Universal Speed Bump Bolt / Fixing for Tarmac & Concrete

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Road-Optimised Bolt / Fixing for Speed Bumps - Universal for Tarmac and Concrete

A highly robust design optimised for fixing speed bumps, post bases and other road items into tarmac or concrete.

This is the new generation of road-optimised speed bump bolt / fixing. Designed specifically for fixing down speed bumps and other road products into either tarmac or concrete.


  • Can be used in asphalt / tarmac and concrete - One fixing to carry.
  • Oversized flanged head - NO WASHERS REQUIRED! (in most applications)
  • Extra thick galvanised finish - Hot dip zinc plating is typically many times thicker than BZP.
  • Oversized nylon plug - This allows a bigger surface area to hold into the surface.

Included in this Fixing Kit

  • 112mm (including head) Hot dip galvanised screw with 10mm shaft and 24.5mm oversized flanged head.
  • 92mm Nylon plug

Typical Applications*

  • Speed bumps and speed ramps.
  • Bollards and post bases.
  • Bike shelters and similar structures.
  • Bike stands, bike docks and other street furniture.

*The suitability of this fixing for a particular application must be assessed based on the site, conditions, substrate and intended use.

We now recommend this and ship this with all of our speed bump kits as it gives maximum flexibility for installation.


Item Specification
Weight 75g
Material Hot dip galvanised steel, Nylon
Drill size required 16mm
Per box 25
Brand Initium


Should you have any questions about this product please contact our sales team on 01905 794 875.