Ridgeback 6m Speed Bump Kit Inc. Fixings & Delivery

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The Ridgeback speed ramp kit is a great high-quality speed ramp made by JSP. The ramps are made from recycled material which is great for the environment and highly durable.

Each centre section of the Ridgeback features 8 high visibility triangles that are bonded into the surface of the speed ramp. The sections are also retro-reflective ensuring they can be easily seen whatever the weather. The end caps feature a single yellow reflective triangle.

Fixings come with the kit as standard, each centre section has 8 universal fixings, and the ends come with two fixings. 

Different Sizes:

  • 50mm  - Recommended for slowing cars down to around 10mph. 
  • 75mm - Suitable for slowing vehicles down to 5mph. WARNING: 75mm ramps can be harsh on cars, especially lowered and sports cars.

Easy Installation:

Installation is very simple, we even send you the appropriate drill bit for the fixings provided with the kit. 

Each section interlocks with the neighbouring section to give a secure and strong installation.

Hose & Cable Routing:

The end caps and centre components feature a channel on the underside that can run a hose or cables through them, great for electric gates or car washes. 

6m Kit Contents:

  • 11 x Inner Section
  • 2 x End Sections
  • 92 x Universal Fixings
  • 1 x Drill Bit

Actual Overall Kit Length: 5910mm

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