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Kerb Wedge - Kerb Access Ramp

Kerb Wedge - Kerb Access Ramp

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This ramp is perfect for allowing quick and easy access onto pavements where there is no dropped kerb. It has a simple design that allows multiple units to be locked together forming extended ramps for easier vehicle access.

We have found this ramp to be exceptionally popular with cyclists, delivery drivers, builders, car enthusiasts and motorcyclists. As the lamps are light enough to be dropped out as required, yet sturdy enough to take the load of commercial vehicles.

The underside of the ramp has a channel that allows water to drain past preventing puddles and flooding.

Some Key Applications For This Ramp:
  • Delivery drivers - Makes getting sack trucks up and down kerbs easy.
  • Motorcyclists - If you don’t have a drop kerb, this will make getting your motorcycle or scooter off the road ultra-easy.
  • Mobility scooters - If you need a ramp suitable to access the kerb on a mobility scooter then these can be used with caution.
  • Builders & landscapers - Makes getting wheelbarrows up and down kerbs really easy.
  • Caravan owners - Assisting in getting a caravan up and onto a frontage with ease.
Key Features:
  • Interlocking design
  • Convenient carry handle
  • Drainage channel
  • High loading strength
  • Suitable for kerbs approximately 110mm high
These ramps are supplied individually, we generally recommend that they are purchased as a pair as they can then be used for cars should the need arise.


Should you have any questions about this product please contact our sales team on 01905 794 875.