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Our goal is to keep things simple, reliable and low hassle. We sell three types of speed bump kit; Premium 50mm, Ridgeback and Extra Large.

  • Premium 50mm - Our most popular speed bump kit. Suitable for all speed bump applications where the customer wants the distinct alternating yellow / black segments and integrated high efficiency reflectors. The exterior of our yellow segments are made from solid yellow PVC, so it will not wear or fade. These typically slow traffic to 10mph.

  • Ridgeback Kits - All black in colour with yellow reflective panels, available in 50mm or 75mm. You should choose these if you do not want yellow inner sections or you want a 75mm high speed bump. Note: 75mm speed bumps can be quite aggressive on some smaller cars, but may be preferred where lorries are used. 50mm typically slows to 10mph, 75mm to 5mph.

  • Extra Large - These have an oversized design making them suitable for lorries or a more 'gentle' speed reduction because of the lower slope. They can be fitted with a steel tube running through the centre for extra-heavy-duty applications.

All speed bump kits we sell contain everything you need to install a complete kit, aside from an electric drill and include our premium universal fixings that work in both tarmac and concrete.

We list 1 to 10 metre kits in 0.5 metre increments on this site. If you require a larger, or specific length of kit or have any other requirements, then please feel free to phone us on 01905 794875 or contact us by email.

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