Speed Bumps for Car Parks

Speed bumps can be an ideal way of increasing safety in Car parks by enforcing 5 and 10 mph speed limits.

With Christmas nearly here people are spending more and more time shopping, which means more time spent in car parks. 

Most car parks have a speed limit of 5 mph, but the average car speedometer does not show anything under 10mph. Speed Bumps help indicate to drivers that the speed limit is low and ensures that it is obeyed.

This can really make a difference to safety levels, especially as small children with little road sense tend to accompany shoppers. A car travelling at 5mph is much more likely to stop if a child runs from between cars  than one that is travelling at 10 - 15mph.

A few simple speed bumps can decrease traffic speed within the car park, which in turn reduces the likelihood of accidents. 

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