Speed Bumps For Schools

school speed bumpsOur Speed Bumps are an ideal way of controlling the speed of traffic coming in and out of schools.  Traffic obviously needs to be slowed down as much as possible for the safety of the children at drop off and pick up times.

Schools tend to have a high amount of "fast" traffic. During the day it might be delivery vehicles keeping to tight delivery schedules that speed in and out of schools. Whilst first thing in the morning parents in a rush to drop children off at school can speed in and out trying to make it to work on time.

The ideal solution to slow these hazards down is our Speed Bumps. Providing a way of slowing the traffic down to a much safer 5mph (75mm speed bumps) or 10mph (50mm speed bumps), our Speed Bumps are cheap to install, easy to maintain and very effective.

They are super strong and durable so will be fine with school buses repeatedly driving over them. We have tested our speed bumps repeatedly with 44 tonne HGV traffic just to make sure.

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