Our Speed Bumps, Ideal for Sports Cars

Speed Bumps ClearenceWe frequently get asked if our speed bumps are suitable for use with sports cars and other vehicles with low ground clearance. 

Well, the quick answer to this is YES, our PVC speed bumps are perfectly suitable for use with low vehicles and sports cars. 

We have all approached a Tarmac speed bump on a public road in our much loved car, and stared at it wondering how much of the underside of our car will be removed as we carefully try to traverse the speed bump.

With our PVC speed bumps this is not an issue, (so long as your car is over 50mm from the floor of course) with Tarmac Speed bumps there is often deviation in width of the speed bumps, and height of the speed bumps. This does not occur with our speed bumps due to the uniform manor in which they are manufactured. If you order a 50mm speed bump it will be no taller than 50mm, and the same applies to the 75mm speed bump sections.

Although 99% of vehicles can get over our 75 mm speed bumps we would recommend the use of a 50mm speed bump unless HGV's and larger vehicles also need to be slowed.

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