Why Choose PVC Speed Bumps?

Why should you choose our PVC speed Bumps over Rubber and Tarmac speed Bumps?

Good question! 

Well there are several very good reasons.

1. Cost. Tarmac speed bumps cost a lot to install, it takes several hours to have them installed correctly. The old road surface needs to be keyed and cut at so the additional tarmac that forms the hump will stick to the surface. This all takes time and a lot of equipment, so the bill normally works our 4 - 5 times the price of a PVC Speed Bump.


2. Installation Time. Well as stated above, Tarmac speed bumps need time to cure fully which can take as long as 24 hours. Which means the access to your premises may be blocked for that period of time. Its not only the curing time though, the installation process is quite a lot more labour intensive so this takes a lot more time too.

Our PVC speed bumps can be fitted by even a novice within two hours. (depending on length obviously)

3. Life span. Tarmac speed bumps are not uniform, no matter how well they are installed, they often deviate from the correct profile. This means they get caught by low vehicles and scraped at. As soon as the surface of the tarmac is broken then the speed bump is easily damaged by frost and freeze thaw. Tarmac can also deform with constant heavy use, we have all seen the lines on the motorway where heavy vehicles in lane 1 have worn "tram lines" into the road. This can happen with tarmac speed bumps too! which means some vehicles may even become beached on the speed bump. 

Rubber Speed bumps are susceptible to UV light damage, and again frost and heat break down the rubber compound. There are at least 4 car parks locally to use that use rubber speed ramps and they all have sections missing where the rubber has degraded around the mounting points, so the whole section has fallen away and come loose. This could again lead to vehicles being damaged on the speed ramp. 

Our PVC speed bumps last a VERY VERY LONG TIME, see our post here if you don't believe us (How Tough are our speed bumps? article) They are of a perfect uniform shape, and even if something low does scrape them their construction is uniform throughout so there is no chance of the scrape causing further damage. They do not suffer from UV light damage, and will outlast rubber by a very long time.

4. What if you want to remove it?  If you have tarmac speed bumps, well this as you can imagine takes a while, the road surface below the bumps has to be reformed and resurface, so not only do you have to pay to have them fitted, you have to pay again to have them removed. 

Our speed bumps can be removed with the right equipment (a drill) in around 20 minutes, leaving no real noticeable marks behind.

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