How Tough Are Our Speed Bumps?

Speed Bump Impression left In Tarmac
If you were wondering how tough our Speed Bumps are, then this should answer your question...

This week a customer of ours emailed us these photographs, the speed bumps pictured have been fitted on an entrance to a private industrial estate for the last 7 years. The site has frequent access by all manner of vehicles including HGV's and as there is a Plant Hire company on the estate, JCB's and Low loaders also make frequent trips though the entrance. 

Now you may notice in the image that only 2 of the four fixing holes where used when securing the speed bumps down, the customer said that the speed bumps where installed in a hurry to not only slow the traffic in and out of the site, but also to close a gap under the entrance gateway. He fully intended to install the other two fixings in each speed bump section at a future date, but as many people will know some jobs you just never get around to.

When a need for a CCTV cable being run across the entrance gateway arose, the obvious place to insert the cable was through the channel within the speed bumps, and when he lifted the bumps he noticed that the tarmac below the bump had actually been formed by the shape of the speed bump. This really is proof of just how tough our speed bumps are! With only two fixings installed they have lasted seven years of very heavy use, and still have many many more years left in them.

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Speed Bump Sections 

Speed  Bumps Indented Asphalt


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