The detailed specifications of our speed bumps are listed below:

Speed Bump Heights:

  • Our 50mm speed bumps are suitable for slowing traffic to 10 mph
  • Our 75mm speed bumps are suitable for slowing traffic to 5 mph


  • All Speed Bumps are made from high strength PVC.
  • The bumps are also made from partly recycled material, which not only helps the environment, but cuts down on the price and saves you money!

Premium and Budget Ranges

  • Budget Speed Bump Sections are made from Black PVC with a yellow coating, Premium Speed Bump Sections are made from a pure bonded yellow polymer.
  • Our Premium yellow sections are molded using a combination of pure yellow PVC on the outer and a bonded inner black PVC. Premium speed bumps will never fade!
  • Both ranges have the same mechanical strength, neither will suffer from colour fade like some cheaper rubber speed bumps.


  • All speed bumps are available in yellow or black

Mechanical Strength

  • Can withstand repeated 44 Tonne HGV traffic
  • Designed for use with heavy weight traffic, ideal for industrial estates.

Other Information

  • Four Reflectors per Speed Bump Centre Section.
  • Can be cleaned with hot soapy water.
  • Colour and strength will not be affected by Clear Path and other similar weed killers.


  • Centre Speed Bump Section – 490 × 420 × 75 / 50mm
  • Shoulder Speed Bump Ramp – 210 × 420 × 75 / 50mm

Drawing as PDF:

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Drawings as PDF

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